Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Haylee Girl

My sweet little Haylee girl is 5! At exactly 4:33am on June 14th, 2007 she entered the world weighing 6 lbs. 7 oz. and had a head full of hair.

Over the past 5 years I have enjoyed watching her grow and turn into a beautiful, hilarious, smart, sassy little girl. And I do mean little. She is so petite for her age. And I do mean sassy too!!
Some things I want to remember about Haylee at this age-
*She loves to sneak in our bed every night while we are sleeping.
*She doesn't like to eat breakfast right away she likes to wait awhile because she's not hungry.
*She loves chocolate milk. It's her drink of choice.
*She loves go-gurts, grapes, mac n cheese, steak, cereal and chips the most. She's not really picky, she just doesn't eat a lot period.
*Doesn't really like candy. When I offer her jelly beans, M&M's, suckers etc she usually passes.
*She loves to take her gummy vitamins.
*She loves to wear dresses.
*She hates having a ponytail in or anything in her hair. She'd rather just wear it down.
*She is stubborn and likes to talk back and give me attitude but I think she is getting better.
*She tries calming her sister down when she is upset and tries to distract her too. She loves to go get in her crib with her when she wakes up from nap and really loves playing with her. Sometimes Natalee won't do what Haylee wants though and Haylee gets mad at her.
*While Natalee is napping she always wants a drink and a snack and she'll usually watch Olivia or something on TV, play her Nintendo DS, color, play on the Ipad or find something to do quietly.
*She is a huge helper. I love when she tries to potty train Natalee.
*Super good at sharing.
*Takes medicine without a fight.
*At nighttime her Daddy usually puts her to bed. She likes to come in Natalee's room and listen to the stories I read Natalee and then she'll get in bed and talk to her Daddy about what they did that day.
*She is really interested in pearls. She wants to open an oyster and find one and talks about it often.
*She talks all day long. She has a lot to say.
*She loves to listen to "the hamster song" which is Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO.
*She learned so much at preschool and loves to write her letters, numbers and her name.
*She loves books and loves to "read" them out loud.
*She finished up a 6 week soccer course and loved it. She doesn't seem afraid to try anything new.
*She is currently in a craft club that she loves and starts swimming lessons next week.
*She has the best memory. She seriously remember the strangest things and some things from years ago. Crazy.
*She loves flowers. She always wants to get me flowers for every occasion and she likes to pick flowers whenever we are outside.

Poor Haylee has been running a fever off and on all day but she was still excited to celebrate her birthday. She woke up to flowers and a big cupcake and when Daddy came home she got to open 2 gifts.
For dinner she ate steak (and she ate lots!) and then we sang Happy Birthday to her and she blew out her candle.
Here is a look back at all of Haylee's special days.
Happy 5th Birthday Sweet Little Haylee Girl!