Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kooza, Donuts and 2 Sickies

Kooza was awesome. We've now seen 9 Cirque Du Soleil shows and this was ranked up with one of the best. And the best part about it was BOTH of our tickets cost less than ONE ticket to a Cirque show in Vegas! They seem to tour to AZ every 2 years so we definitely always go!

Sunday Funday! We enjoyed breakfast outside at Dunkin Donuts to start our day. The girls both wore their new dresses and new shoes that day and looked so adorable. I wore my new dress the night before :)
We noticed after getting home Sunday that Natalee wasn't looking so hot and was running a fever. Her fever lasted over 24 hours and I couldn't get it to break so I knew it had to be an ear infection. I took her in yesterday and sure enough, her right ear was infected. She is now on antibiotics and already feeling better. It seems her ear infections coincide with her getting teeth. I noticed her last 2 molars on the bottom are finally poking through so hopefully this is the last of the ear infections.

And today Jackson went back to the doctor because it appears his bladder infection may be back (or never fully went away) so he hasn't been too happy. He's now on antibiotics for 14 days and then we'll have to go back in the have him re-checked. Fun time! 

Thank God Haylee is feeling fine aside from the sassyitis which she's had for a little too long now! She'll be 5 in just 2 days and she can't wait for her Hello Kitty party!