Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ramblings {Weekend Edition}

Tuesday, me and the girls had breakfast with my Aunt Roxie. We met at our usually spot, Joe's Farm & Grill and the girls were really good. We were able to catch up while they ran around collecting "treasures" which were leaves and mini grapefruit. I really love spending time with family and we need to get together more often but sometimes it's hard to coordinate busy schedules.

Wednesday, the girls and I went to our 2nd Summer Movie Fun at Harkins and it was a total flop. I realized halfway there I forgot the stroller and Natalee just wasn't feeling it I guess because we left probably 15 minutes into the movie and spent the rest of the time in the car and walking around the lobby. I was so mad. Needless to say we are taking a break from SMF. We will pick it back up after swimming lessons and see how Natalee does then.

Our Staycation for the 4th has been booked. I bought a smokin deal through Groupon (of course) and we'll be spending a few days at a Scottsdale resort swimming, bbq'ing and having fun with the family. It seems like lately my conversations with Josh start out with "today on Groupon I found" or "livingsocial had a smokin deal today for..." I love daily deal sites because you really can get some great deals.

Josh finally got a review and a 15% raise (about $700 a month before taxes). He was also told they would like to promote him to Right Start Manager sometime in August which should give him enough time to find and train someone to replace him. At that point they will make him an offer and things will be changing again. This is awesome news for Josh because once he's in that position, they will choose 1 of 4 guys (in other positions) to become the General Manager which would be an awesome opportunity for Josh. I am so happy his hard work has paid off!

Haylee's party is a week from today and I really need to start getting things together. Time to make her slideshow, finalize a menu, put together goodie bags, wrap gifts etc. I can't believe Haylee girl is gonna be 5!

I really need to book our hotel and buy tickets for our Disneyland trip. According to my new countdown, I have less than 4 months now. Oh, and I just realized my Mom and I go to to California in 83 days!!!! Yipppeee.

Jackson has thrown up twice this week and I really hope it's nothing serious. I think it'd because he eats his food way too fast and doesn't even chew it up. Other than that he is still ornery and doing fine.

Haylee is now a babysitter. If you have any turtles that need taken care of you can call her. She is a pro. She will play with them and even let them sit on her lap and watch Sponge Bob. Seriously.
Last night Haylee ran some errands with me. We went to Kohl's where I found a dress for each girl and me too. I was excited, especially since they were on clearance and I had a 30% off to use. After that we went to Walmart and we saw Haylee's teacher there. She was so happy she told her Daddy, "guess what? I found my teacher at Walmart!" She also found a cute Hello Kitty wristlet to buy with some birthday money she got in the mail!

Today we spent some time outside since the girls got a Hello Kitty sprinkler. The girls didn't really care to play in the sprinkler but I loved it. It kept me cool since it's 105 degrees out today.
Ok, time to go get ready. I have a hot date to go see Cirque Du Soleil's, Kooza tonight!