Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday Ramblings

When it rains it pours. Josh had to go to Urgent Care yesterday. Diagnosis- Tonsillitis & Strep Throat. Josh rarely gets sick. When he's sick, he's sick.

Natalee's doctor was nice enough to call her in a prescription without taking her down there today for a rash on her bottom. She's had it off and on for 2 weeks and Desitin won't work (which always works for my girls' diaper rashes) so I knew something was up.

My throat is scratchy so I'm sure I am next in line to be sick. I have been taking Airborne so we'll see if that helps. I have almost lost my voice too.

Haylee has Sassyitis. She does fine when she is alone but as soon as Natalee is awake or around she has an attitude.

Josh and I had our April date night Saturday. We had dinner at Someburros and then went to see The Hunger Games. I knew nothing about this book/movie and the craziness surrounding it. I didn't have any interest in seeing it but there wasn't anything else out. I am glad I did though, it was so good. I have heard the book is better so now I wanna read the book. I really liked it though and the lead girl was wonderful. I think the filming itself could have been better but overall great movie.

Haylee's 1st soccer game was cancelled Saturday due to weather. She'll have another practice Thursday and then hopefully her game next Saturday. She is so adorable out in the field playing. She is not aggressive enough to steal the ball but she just runs around and does what her coach tells her. She says she likes it so that's all that matters.

Less than 2 weeks till Natalee turns 2. I am so not ready. I have a few things left to do for her party and I need to start on a couple projects. The thought of potty training makes me sick so I'm not sure when we'll start that. She has already went in the potty a few times so who knows, she might be easy to train. I guess time will tell. Potty training with Haylee at first really stressed me out but I think it's because I was pregnant with Natalee so I felt an urgency to get her trained. No urgency now except I'm sick of buying diapers. Definitely not pregnant and I don't plan to be anytime soon......or anytime period! :)

Jackson is loving life. Playing ball, eating icecream and sleeping on our bed. He is so spoiled and loves every minute of it. I do too. I cherish every day I have with him. I love when he comes and puts his head on my lap and looks at me with those big, brown eyes because he wants a treat. I love when I feed him an Otterpop and he eats it so nicely while wagging his tail. I love when he drops the ball at my feet when he wants to play ball. He is so sweet.

I booked a weekend at Kohls Ranch with our timeshare to take Jackson up to the mountains to run around. We love going camping but it's a lot of work so I thought we'd play up on the rim all day and then sleep at the resort at night. We are so excited to take Jackson up there and this will be his first slumber party at a resort!

I got tickets to take the girls to the Summer Movie Fun at Harkins this summer. This will be quite an adventure to see if Natalee will sit through the movie each week. For $14 total (Natalee is free) for 10 movies, you can't beat that.

We are starting to plan out our remaining vacations for the year and it makes me so excited. My Mom booked the hotel for our Mother/Daughter trip to Cali in September and Josh and I are taking the girls to Disneyland & California Adventure in October. Other than that we took our mini Vegas trip in February, Josh is going on a business trip in May and then we have our little family vacation with Jackson is just a couple weeks. That leaves June-August to hide inside since it's too hot to do anything! Actually, I hope to hit a few pools to practice what the girls learn at swimming lessons.

I am addicted to Pinterest and have been for quite some time. I actually made 2 of the recipes I found off there yesterday. I made the donuts from Pillsbury Grands and they were so good! I also made a super yummy grilled cheese sandwich that I saw on Pinterest that I altered. I used a slice of cheese, slices of avocado and some bacon too! delicious. I love Pinterest and I love it even more when I do the things I pin!

Happy Monday!!!