Friday, April 20, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Or not.....

This week has been rough. It started with Sunday when Josh woke up with Strep. He started feeling better around Tuesday when he passed his sickness to me. I am thankful I did not get strep but I've had a cold all week and it's no fun at all.

Natalee, who has always been my wonderful sleeper, has been in a nap funk all week. She cries when I put her down, sleeps 20-25 min., and wakes up screaming. I have no idea what is going on with her. I tell myself "this too shall pass" but I would have given anything to take a nap this week since I feel like crap. At night she is fine. Goes right to bed and sleeps soundly till about 8am or later. She has been sleeping in this week sometimes till 8:45am which is unusual. She is all off track. Hopefully she returns to "normal" soon. We have lots of partying to do next week since she is turning T-W-O!!!!

Some good news this week is that I won tickets to see Pride & Prejudice at the Queen Creek Performing Arts Center tonight. My Mom happily agreed to watch the girls so Josh and I could go. Thank you so much Mom!!

I received my sad book in the mail yesterday "The Dog Cancer Survival Guide". On the back it states "if your dog has cancer you need this book." And my favorite part "No matter what you've heard, there are always steps you can take to help your dog fight (and even beat) cancer." That is my hope!! It covers the full spectrum of dog cancer care from conventional treatments (surgery, chemo, radiation) to non-conventional (botanical nutraceuticals, supplements, nutrition, and mind-body treatment). It might sound crazy but if any of it works then it's so worth it. It can't hurt at this point. The only problem is finding time to read 500 pages and figuring out what I wanna try ASAP. With cancer I don't exactly have time to fart around. I hope to cover the majority of it this weekend so come Monday (3 weeks from when his tumor was removed) I can start with additional treatments. So far Jackson is thriving. He has enjoyed walks every night and playing ball outside almost every night. He takes his medicine 2 times a day like a good little boy and gets extra treats, bones to chew and gets to sleep with us. He's a happy camper. And he'll literally be a happy camper in just 2 weeks when we head up north to the mountains! Can't wait!!!

My sweet little Haylee has taken it upon herself to help potty train Natalee. The other day Natalee took her diaper off and so Haylee took her into the potty and Natalee actually went. Haylee was so excited. Well today Natalee took her diaper off again so Haylee took her in the bathroom, sat right next to her and read her books. No luck this time but Haylee was very patient and told her "you gotta look at your pee pee and say, pee pee please pee." I about died when I heard that one. I just love when Haylee is sweet to her sister.

Lately Haylee has been infatuated with Olivia. We DVR it and she watches it all day long. The best is when her and Natalee dress up like Olivia and Francine. Natalee happily lets Haylee dress her up and they run around as cute as can be. Cracks me up!

Charlotte loves avocados but is a rather messy eater!
One week from tomorrow is Natalee's birthday and I have so much left to do. I need to finish her slide show, get the rest of the food and a few other odds and ends. Next week is sure to be busy!

Tomorrow is Haylee's 1st soccer game and then we are taking her to see Chimpanzee. We have taken Haylee to every Disney Nature films and she seems to really likes them all. Grandma Kayanne is watching little Natalee so hopefully she behaves herself!

Sunday is my girls night out to see "The Lucky One". I read the book and have been waiting for this movie to come out. I am so excited to see it!

Busy weekend, busy week. Ready or not, here I come!