Sunday, April 15, 2012


My little Natalee is such a nut. Right now she is fascinated with 2 things. Chapstick and Dog Poop. Nice huh?

She is constantly wanting chapstick on except she doesn't get that it is just for her lips. She is constantly stealing mine and eating it. She also climbs on Josh's desk because she knows he keeps his up there and she eats his too.

Then there is dog poop. Every afternoon when we go outside the first thing she does is try to find where Jackson has pooped. Before I can get the scoop and clean it up she is stomping on it with her shoe saying "poopie, poopie." Seriously.....gross! Even when we went to Haylee's soccer game she found a pile and started kicking it saying "poopie, poopie."

I also think she loves the word poopie itself. When I tell her to say, "thank you Daddy or bye bye Haylee" she says "thank you poopie and bye bye poopie" and cracks up laughing.

Everytime she wants to do something she's not suppose to, she'll close the door to the room we're in or she'll go into a room and close the door behind her as if she is being sneaky. She does that when she's trying to climb over the gate or steal chapstick usually.

Do you see why I am dreading the terrible two's. She has been displaying terrible two behavior for months and I'm afraid it's only gonna get worse!