Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

On Christmas Eve, Haylee put the cookies out for Santa and then both girls went fast to sleep. They know Santa won't come if they are awake so they don't mess around.

 Santa came!!!!
Christmas morning the girls came downstairs and Natalee ran right towards her Jeep and got in it. She preferred to sit in that most of the time instead of opening gifts. Here is a run down of her gifts (so I can remember)-
 Santa- Jeep
           Mrs. Potatoe Head
           Princess Tent and Tunnel
Us-  Furreal Dog
       Minnie Laptop
       Cash Register
       Veggie Tales Sing Along

Stocking-  Cheetos (she did ask Santa for chips)
               Elmo Books
               Animal Crackers
               Princess Notepad & Pencils
I'd say her favorite was her Furreal Dog that walks and makes noises. She really liked him! As far as her stocking, she loved the Cheetos and M&M's. She carried them both around.
Haylee scoped out the bike first which wasn't really a Christmas gift (it was Hannah's) but she just wanted her baby dolphin pillow pet. I kinda felt bad because she rushed through every gift just waiting to open that one special present. I put it in the very bottom of her stocking and she was so excited when she saw it. That was one of her favorite gifts.
I loved her facial expressions when she opened a couple other presents. She is too cute!
Santa- Rapunzel Doll & Dress
          Easy Bake Oven & Mixes
Us- Rapunzel Bed Set
      Light & Trace Crayola Set
      Charlie & Lola Dolls
      View Finder

Stocking- Iron Bead Set
              Rapunzel Bottle Cap Necklace
              Baby Dolphin Pillow Pet
              Veggie Tales Book
My favorite gifts from Josh were a tripod for my camera and gift card to get a couple pedicures. I also loved my Oragami Owl necklace that I bought myself :)
Josh got a few things he needed so I'm sure they were boring gifts. I also made him "coupons" for Suns Game, Dinner & A Movie etc. so that we have more options when date night comes around.
Jackson got a bone and a new food and water dish. He also got some treats in his stocking. He was a happy boy.
Charlotte got a bag of rabbit pellets that we use in the bottom of her container.
We had a wonderful Christmas and I was totally surprised Natalee left the decorations alone for the most part.