Saturday, December 31, 2011

End of Year Totals

All year long I kept a savings spreadsheet of all of the times I shopped at Fry's, Albies, Safeway, Bashas, CVS, Walgreen's and Walmart using coupons. The savings below shows just how much it pays to use coupons!

*The total amount of money I spent on my couponing trips was $1953.93.
*The coupon savings (face value of coupons) from all of these trips was $3078.83.
*And the total savings (coupons (face value), bonus coupons (some stores make all coupons $1) & VIP/Card Savings) was $7672.75!!!!

The above "total savings" doesn't include what I saved by price matching at Walmart. Unfortunately their receipts don't calculate the savings. So I would say my total savings was aroud $8000. Pretty awesome I'd say :)

Everything I know I learned from Sheryl at Centsable Shoppin and I am so thankful for her! It is all very easy, just time consuming, and anyone can do it.

Here's to $10,000 in savings for 2012!