Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Great Deals = Awesome Night!

It's been a long time since I've been able to post really awesome deals I've gotten, so tonight I had to post. The deals lately haven't been anything blog worthy. The prices at the store just keep going up and the coupons have been slacking. But tonight, my love for coupons returned :) I rocked Walgreen's & Target!!!!!

So Walgreen's has their Triaminic on sale 2/$10. If you buy 2 you get $3 RR. So essentially 2/$7. And it gets better, we got $3/1 coupons Sunday in the inserts making it 2/$1. Now is that sweet or what? That was enough to get me super excited. I picked up 4 of those bad boys. Since you pay upfront (I paid $8 OOP + tax) and then get the RR I had $6 in RR so I used that to get Natalee a Christmas gift which was on sale for $5.99. I did buy some Christmas paper too to print out our Christmas letter.

Then, as if my night couldn't get any better..... I went to Target where they have these 3 pack gift sets of Johnson & Johnson baby body wash, bubble bath & lotion. These are the big bottles (15 - 28 oz.) and they were $4.49. I had (2) $3/1 so I picked up 2 of those for $1.49 each. Can you feel the excitement yet?

I topped off the night with a trip to Kohl's to spend my $10 Bounce Back Cash. I bought Haylee a shirt and Natalee a pair of socks and paid $1.58 which was basically all tax!

I didn't want the night to end, but sadly it was getting late and it was only 44 degrees so I was ready to get home and warm up. It seems like too often I end up asking myself why I even left the house. I'll go after things that are out of stock, or the cashier gives me a hard time or whatever. I am proud to say everything went perfect tonight. Now I just need to take a chill pill so I can go to bed soon, Josh probably thinks I'm on crack! lol