Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Ramblings

Oops I forgot to ramble yesterday (on here anyways) so I'll have to do a Saturday Rambling post! Nothing too exciting this past week so I feel like I have nothing to ramble about.

Josh has been working late. He is training with a guy in the field right now so he doesn't have a say in when he goes home.

He has been getting things ready for the big 4th of July event he'll be setting up at to sell Dish and Directv. He's also been putting together his website.

I have been walking every night with my Mom. It's a sanity saver because Natalee will chill in the stroller and just enjoy the time outside. Haylee loves it too. Night walks are a must!

Josh and I went to Cheesecake Factory last Saturday to celebrate our Anniversary. Our babysitter was sick for 3 weeks so we had to put it off. Dinner was super yummy, but it was the red velvet cheesecake that was the best! We went to see Hangover II afterwards. Oh my is all I can say. Funny movie.

My Mom and I had a girls night too last weekend. We ate at Red Robin and went to see Bridesmaids. That was also good but after just seeing Hangover it couldn't compete in the funny category.

1 week from today will be Haylee's birthday party. She'll be the big 4! Where has the time gone. Geez, I remember every detail about the day she was born, it seems like yesterday. Needless to say, this next week will be busy for me as I get things ready for her big day!

Natalee is Natalee. Cute as can be, but a little whiny hiney. Her top 2 molars are now coming in so she has a good excuse.

Jackson is being pestered all the time yet he continues to have patience with both girls, even when they try to dress him up in Princess attire.

Tonight I am taking Haylee girl to Jeanne's end of the year show. She wants to take dance lessons so we are going to check out how they do things to see if this is where we should have Haylee take her lessons.

Oh, and did I mention my birthday is on Tuesday? Yep, I'll be the big 2-8! I'm getting up there.