Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer is here.

Although it hasn't gotten too hot yet (I was actually cold when my Mom and I went for a walk Monday night) it was hot enough to bust out the pool last weekend!

Haylee loves the pool. She liked playing with Hannah even though it was cold at first. Natalee.....well she didn't really like the pool.
Josh and I decided we would really love to get a "real" pool since it's the only way to survive in Arizona during the summer, but we want to wait till both girls know how to swim. Having a pool is scary to me, but I would love to float on a raft and sip a pina colada swim with the girlies and eat popsicles in the hot summer sun!

Our other summer favorites include eating watermelon.

Riding the scooter around the house.

Playing with blocks.

Eating ice cream.

Playing dress up.

Dressing Jackson up.

And standing on our heads.

And to think summer just started......