Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fun OUT of the sun!

Because it is now 120 degrees outside I try to stay home as much as possible. Getting both girls in and out of the car is too exhausting in this heat. So far, we have found plenty of things to keep busy around here.

Haylee is quite the couponer. She loves to cut coupons and actually does a great job. I might have her take over for me. She told me the other day that I need to check for a Rapunzel slip and slide at Fry's because "they have it there and it's totally on sale!"

Both girls love to read. I have a couple of shelves in the office with their books and they'll sit at their picnic table and look at the pictures and Haylee sometimes "reads" to Natalee. Cutest thing ever.
Haylee got a Tangled paint-with-water book for her birthday that she loves! Too bad those things never come with enough paint. Haylee would sit and paint all day if I let her, and if there was more paint!