Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Holy busy week! Looks like I only blogged twice this week, forgot my weekly deals, and now I only have 10 minutes to ramble today.

We started the week off by celebrating Haylee's 4th birthday. If Monday-Wednesday are any indication on how the age 4 is gonna be, I'm packing my bags. Haylee was HORRIBLE! Total attitude, talking back, being mean to her sister.....I don't know how we survived. Thankfully, yesterday she was great and so far today she has been good too.

I decided to book a last minute staycation for this weekend so we could swim all day and BBQ. We booked one of our resorts in Scottsdale and my family is gonna join us for the day tomorrow. I'm very excited to swim for the first time this year and I'm excited for our first staycation. Not that a staycation means I don't have to pack as much, ha! I waited till today to start gathering things and I'm like "we're only going an hour away and we still need all this crap?" Oh, and I'm so glad Josh's work felt the need to schedule a meeting for 3pm today. Looks like we'll arrive at our resort just in time to go to bed.

Haylee and I went to see Seussical at Broadway Palm last night and we loved it! It was such a fun, upbeat, energetic show. It's ends Saturday so buy tickets right away if you wanna see it. I also got us tickets for Cinderella, The Nutcracker and Pinkalicious so we're set for awhile. I'm so happy Haylee loves theatre!

I can't think of anything else to add right now. I have to finish getting things together and deal with cranky Miss Natalee. I'm not sure where my happy baby went but if you see her tell her we want her back. She's been missing for quite awhile.