Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tangled Party

Haylee had a "Tangled" party on Saturday. If you haven't seen the movie, you need too. I think Rapunzel is now my favorite "Princess". Let's start with the decorations. Josh and I spent most of the morning cutting super long pieces of yarn to create Rapunzel's hair and then we had it strung all over the house. It turned out so cute and Haylee loved it!

We also had Tangled balloons, a banner, table cloths, plates, napkins, and don't forget the giant cupcake! And that was just the decorations! I've never seen so much Tangled stuff in my life.

Last minute I decided to give Haylee a Rapunzel look and I tied the extra yarn onto a head band and she wore it throughout her party. She loved having Rapunzel's long, magical hair!

For lunch we had chicken strips marinated in BBQ, Terriyaki and Sweet Buffalo sauces along with fruit, potato salad, chips and watermelon. My girls absolutely LOVE watermelon!
(This was before the party started. She did eat more than just chips)

After lunch was present time and Haylee had everyone cracking up. She has so much personality and every time she opened a present she got so excited and shouted "oh my gosh!"

Of course we heard the "thank you soooo much" and the "I've wanted this my entire life" but we all laughed every time she'd shout "Ohhhh myyyyy goshhhh!". She is a nut.

Haylee got so much cute stuff. A lot of Tangled stuff (of course) but other things that weren't Tangled that she loved as well. She got clothes, a baby dolphin pillow pet, Ariel bracelet, Ariel slip and slide, Minnie Mouse night gown, Jasmine night gown, hair stuff, Princess bath toy and a Princess cd player.

As far as Tangled stuff, she got a sticker book, long sleeve pj's, book w/ cd, plate, bowl, placemat, silverware, Rapunzel plush doll, Look and Find book, Color Wonder, magnetic drawing pad with book, paperback book, 4 set board books, photo album, paint with water book, beach towel, sunglasses, swim suit, cover up, cup, short sleeve pj's, 2 shirts and figurines! Oh, and I can't forget about the Tangled Wii game too! As I said, I've never seen so much Tangled/Rapunzel stuff in my life. Haylee is one spoiled little girl!

Lastly, we sang "Happy Birthday" and brought out the traditional giant cupcake. This year it was decorated with a number "4" and a Rapunzel figurine.

This is the first year Haylee wanted us to sing to her and she didn't cry. Wow and wow!!! I love the look on her face when she saw the cupcake!

Of course she didn't "dig in" like Natalee, she look a tiny lick here and a tiny lick there and then Natalee tried to show her how to do it.

Everyone enjoyed their cupcakes and as Haylee said, "it was the best birthday ever!"

On her actual birthday, Daddy brought her home 1 last surprise. Haylee loves flowers!

We had planned to take Haylee to Red Robin and then to Krispy Kreme but a certain attitude caused us to have a change in plans. We ended up at Serrano's and Haylee made sure she told the server that all she wanted was a cherry on top! She got her wish, and she was in heaven.

Me and Josh sang to her and she took it all in with a smile from ear to ear.

Happy 4th Birthday Haylee Girl!