Sunday, May 8, 2011

Show Your Shops

Sheryl over at The Cents'Able Shoppin is featuring a new Saturday, "Show Your Shops" where all the freapers can show there recent trips.

This was my trip to Fry's yesterday where I spent $19.99 and saved $108.16. My cashier was even very proud of me and told me I did a great job! I love my Fry's!

I bought-

2 Sunny D
4 Propel Water
4 Mom's Best Cereal
2 Nivea Body Wash
4 Gillette Shaving Cream
4 Boulder Canyon Chips
2 So Delicious Coconut Milk
3 Kettle Tias Tortilla Chips
4 Boxes Cocoa Krispies
5 Michelinas
1 Strawberries
4 Grape Jelly
2 2lb. Bags of Mahatma Rice
4 Dasani
6 Lunchables
30 Koolaid
2 Packs of Qtips

I will now use the 4 codes inside the boxes of Cocoa Krispies to receive a $5 gas card! I love being a Freaper!