Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Ramblings

So far this is not a good Friday. I woke up to 2 big, red piles of dog barf. Thanks Jackson, I love you too.

Yesterday I woke up with a sore throat. It went away but I feel rather lousy. My body is in limbo trying to decide whether to be sick or get better. I don't have time to be sick.

I was able to tackle Natalee's baby book yesterday and everything is up to date! Now I just have a few things to add to Haylee's and then add pictures to both!

Tomorrow my Mom is watching both girls all day. I have been looking forward to this all year! Ok, so maybe just for the last couple weeks, but still. Josh and I get to go shopping, to a movie, dinner, whatever we want without the constant whining, getting kids in and out of the car and screaming in restaurants. We are so excited.

This weekend we'll be celebrating 3 holidays at our house. Sunday, of course, is Mother's Day. This Mother's Day is extra special to me because it means I have survived an entire year with 2 kids. Girls to be exact. And that includes 1 girl with a horrible attitude. So, Mother's Day is HUGE for me. Monday, Josh and I celebrate 8 years of marriage. That means Josh has put up with me for 8 years, poor guy. And because we got married on Josh's 21st Birthday, that means we are also celebrating Josh's Birthday. Busy weekend for us!

Josh received wonderful news this week at work. We will be getting insurance June 1st instead of August 1st. Thank God. Now if we can just make it through ONE month without having to make a trip to the doctor we'll be doing good.

Josh picked up his glasses Wednesday. He looks like a stud in his Guess, color changing glasses. Good thing the girls at the eye doctor helped him pick out the perfect pair.

Josh continues to balance work, his own business, me and the kids. He is Superman. 

Haylee loves to look at the Princess stuff on Everyday she asks to look at the Rapunzel stuff and other Princess stuff. I am proud to say I have taught her to navigate the site all by herself. It occupies her for quite some time. She's constantly finding new things to add to her birthday list. She cracks me up!

Haylee helped Daddy put together our 2nd TV stand last night. She had her Handy Manny tools out and everything. Josh had to remind her several times to stop put the screw driver where it didn't belong because he didn't want her ruining the stand.

Yesterday was a milestone for Haylee. It was 12:30pm before she had her 1st tantrum. I think she only had 2 1/2 all day. That's a record.

Little Natalee is walking all over the place. She is doing so good and balances very well. It's so cute to see her toddle everywhere.

Her ginormous molars are still making their way in and boy is she mad. She's been running a low fever off and on since Tuesday, she's been drooling like crazy and has had a runny nose off and on. I sure hope she feels better soon and she doesn't end up with an ear infection.

Well it's time to stop rambling and plan some things for tomorrow.