Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Ramblings

My sweet baby N is 13 months old as of yesterday. She just gets cuter every day. Oh, and I absolutely love how long and curly her hair is getting!

Natalee is learning how to eat with utensils and does so awesome! I put food on her spoon/fork and she puts it right into her mouth and hands it back to me. Especially with ice cream.

Lately she has been saying Mama so much. When I have something she wants (usually food) she gets so excited and says "mama, mama, mama, mama" over and over. Cracks us up!

Haylee is always talking for Jackson and it's hilarious! When we see him in the morning she'll sing, "good morning, good morning, how is sweet Jackson this morning?" Then she changes her voice and responds from Jackson, "I'm fine, I'm fine I slept all day and night!" I love when she talks for him in a special voice.

Haylee has not been behaving today. We went to Fry's for like 15 minutes and she was a little brat they entire time. She finished off the trip by screaming and crying the whole way out the door. I looked at Josh and said, "it's days like these I don't want anymore kids!"

Haylee and Daddy were suppose to go see Rio tonight, but after her "episode" earlier, I'm afraid she might have to wait a few days. There are a lot of cute movies coming out and I'm excited to take Haylee to see them all, I just wish baby N would sit through movies also. Maybe in a few months!

Haylee's invites for her 4th birthday were sent out this week. Since we just invite family to parties, it won't take long to call everyone to cancel in case she doesn't shape up!

Monday was the start of the new season of The Bachelorette. That means every Monday I get to go to my Mom's and watch the show in peace and quiet. I wish the Bachelor/Bachelorette was on every night!

My Mom and I took the girls to Serrano's this week for dinner (Josh was working a job fair for his business). My mom asked the busser if he wanted to buy a child if that's any indication on how things went! (My 2 were actually pretty well behaved).

And because my Mom is finally better after being sick for 3 weeks, Josh and I get to go out to celebrate our Anniversary! I am so very excited about this much needed break date night with my Hubby. I'm not sure exactly where we are going, but anywhere without the girls is sounding pretty good right about now :)

My niece Danielle made Jr. Varsity Cheer at Skyline for next school year. Who knew it costs an arm and a leg just to be in cheer? Well me and my Mom happily gave her all the money she needed to live her dream!

Thankfully Josh and the girls now have insurance as of Monday. Unfortunately, I am still being examined under a microscope since I'm the one with a history of endometriosis and thyroid issues even though the edometriosis hasn't given me any issues in over a year and my thyroid condition appears to have just been pregnancy related. Of course it was me who needed to see a doctor this week but thankfully my sister came to my rescue with a prescription of Macrobid so I didn't have to shell out $200 for a visit and prescription with no insurance. Thanks Jen!

Oh, and if you didn't hear on FB, my "button" won the "Button Challenge" for Sheryl's site so I get a $50 Fry's card and more importantly, Josh gets FREE advertising on her blog for a year (her blog has thousands of visits a day)!!! So you know what that means....ya, I have been busy trying to create a website for Josh's business. I'm trying to use Blogger since I'm familiar with that, but I'm trying to make it not look like a blog. Pretty tricky!

Josh has been busy with his new business (and his new job at Brewer too). His sales manager held a job fair on Wednesday and more than 50 people showed up and several are interested in doing door-to-door sales and whatever else to bring in the sales for Josh. We are crossing our fingers that a few really good sales guys get his business rollin' since Josh doesn't have the time to get out there himself right now. The joys of running your own business :)

I think that's enough whining rambling for today. I'm looking forward to this 3 day weekend which includes date night with Hubby, time spent with my Mom and lots of fun with the girls!