Thursday, May 26, 2011


Last Saturday my Mom and I took the girls to Chandler Mall for the Grand Opening of their new Disney Store! I had just taken the girls a couple days prior because I heard they had Rapunzel stuff that I couldn't find anywhere else so I ran over there with the girls. And boy did they have Rapunzel stuff!!! Haylee & I were equally excited.

Anyways, we waited in line to see Mickey or Minnie (they traded off every 30 minutes) for 1 hour and 15 minutes. Waiting was actually not bad at all. The line contiuously moved and both girls were perfect!

Hannah went first....
When it was our turn Haylee totally ditched me and Natalee and ran up to Minnie. She gave her a BIG hug and was so excited to see her. I was very surprised!
Natalee of course kept her eye on Minnie and didn't get too close, but all in all we had a wonderful time.
They gave us a 20% off coupon after we took pictures with Minnie so of course we had to go to the Disney Store and use it! Well, wouldn't you know it, there was a line to get into the Disney Store as well! I think we waited maybe 10 minutes so not too bad. They had a Disney parade while we were in there and they passed out masks for all the kids and then then marched all around the store. I laughed so hard just seeing Haylee in her "Jessie" mask, it was perfect!
Natalee tried it on too and that was just hilarious!
I bought Haylee a Rapunzel head band and Natalee picked out the Lady dog from Lady and the Tramp. What a fun day!