Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Ramblings

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate health insurance? Pulte always offered wonderful insurance so I never had to worry. Now that Josh switch jobs we're finding that Brewer's insurance stinks. Luckily, they offered Josh insurance starting June 1st instead of August 1st (which it was suppose to be) but their insurance was going to be $169 a week for all 4 of us (just medical) and the insurance itself was not very good at all! So, Josh met with our financial planner yesterday and received other quotes and we decided to go with one of those instead. It's only gonna cost us about $60 more a month than we were paying through Pulte, but sadly, it's no where near as good as Pulte's insurance. The biggest thing is that it does not cover maternity at all. Fine with me, after the week I've had I don't want anymore kids! Ok really, I do, but we weren't gonna start trying till Natalee is 2 anyways, so I'm gonna get on birth control just to be extra safe and then we can always switch next year at open enrollment and get an insurance that covers maternity. Gee, insurance is just so complicated sometimes.

In other news, Natalee has learned to pull the placemats off the table. I found that out the hard way when she pulled the placemat along with my brand new large sweet tea onto the floor last night. Yesterday was another "one of those days". Hence why I am not sad about having no maternity insurance for a year.

Josh hired a sales manager to more or less get his business off and running. This guy has some great ideas and people under him ready to work so it sounds promising.

Haylee learned to draw flowers yesterday and she is so excited. She has been drawing all the Princess's lately and she does a great job. I can always tell which ones they are because Ariel has red hair and a green tail, Belle has brown hair and Rapunzel has long yellow hair with flowers in it.

On Wednesday I took the girls to the zoo and my sister came along too. It was actually a bit warm. We should have definitely went Tuesday when it was cooler but I wanted to make sure Baby N was ok after her "deal" Monday in the car. She is fine by the way and has no further incidents.

Wednesday night me and Haylee girl went to the theatre to see African Cats. Haylee has went to see all 3 Disney Nature films so far and this one I think she liked the best. Unfortunately she is now old enough to know that the lions are not "playing" with the zebra when they chase him down and jump on him. Some parts of the movies are too much I think.

My poor Mom has been really sick all week with a cold and flu like symptoms. Poor Shelley is not gonna get a much needed break this weekend :(

I am planning another Fry's Mega run tomorrow and then possibly taking the girls to get their pictures taken. I'm totally procrastinating on this and I don't know why.

I am running out of room for my stockpiling. I'm having to store stuff under the stairs since my pantries are full. Maybe I shouldn't be going to Fry's. No I'm not a hoarder or a shelf clearer. I have learned how to coupon with respect unlike TLC's Extreme Couponing. I hate that show and I think people are getting crazy because of it. They aren't learning the "right" way to coupon and they are being greedy and just clearing the shelves. That show is giving us couponers a bad name and I can't wait for that show to end!

Happy Friday!