Monday, May 16, 2011


I would love to post about our weekend. How Haylee planted a rose bush, the girls played in a new sprinkler and how we all enjoyed spaghetti. However, all of these memories were captured on my new camera and all of the pictures were accidentally erased last night. I am just sick about it. Now, I am going to read all 224 pages of my reference manual before I push another button.

I was able to recapture some of the same memories today, but unfortunately I need a new USB cord to transfer pictures to the computer so I added that to my to do list.

I never knew having a new camera could be such a pain. I like to think of it as a wonderful point and shoot, but to get the full value out of it, I have to learn how to use it as an SLR and use the special manual settings. So.........if I don't post anything till October you'll know why. I'm off to learn a thing or 2 about my new camera!

Oh, and no exciting deals this past week. I have been too busy erasing pictures playing with my new camera!


Anonymous said...

You can have those pictures recovered if you want. I don't know what it costs, but I know it can be done as long as you don't take new pictures. The files are actually still there until you write new ones.

Beka said...

ugh i'm sorry shelley!! thats one of my worst fears --losing pics i've taken...and that not knowing how to use & the enormous size of all those fancy cameras everyone is getting is why i refuse to own one:) Danny got me a nice bigger one before (free with cc points), but i HATED carrying it around- so i opted for a really nice small camera:)---you are smarter than me (you GET couponing), i'm sure you will figure it all out:)

BTW- little Natalee is so stinking chubby & cute:)