Thursday, May 5, 2011

New TV

Our big screen bit the dust last Friday. Too bad it didn't happen closer to Black Friday because those things are not cheap and last time I checked they don't have coupons for TV's. So, we got a new TV which was the easy part (or maybe I should say easier since we did have to look at several different stores to find the best deal). Finding a TV stand to match and fit in the space our entertainment center allows was not so easy. We actually found one that matched perfectly at Fry's (1st store we checked) so we bought it. Well, we got it put together and it just didn't work. It was not long enough and it was too short. Looked ridiculous. So, we went to like 7-8 stores on Monday and found one at Best Buy (last store of the night) that was perfect. It arrived today and it works perfectly. Good thing Josh had a helper or it would have taken him even longer to put it together!

By the way, we are able to take our other one back for a refund since Fry's has the best customer service!