Thursday, April 7, 2011

Zoo & Hunter

Sorry my titles are not original. I'm lame like that.

The weekend before we left for Vegas was a busy one for us. Aren't they all these days? Saturday we went to the zoo to say goodbye to the koalas.

They are going back to their home in San Diego but it was fun having them here the last 6 months. They are so cute. We walked around, rode the carousel and enjoyed the fresh, cool weather.

Sunday we finally met baby Hunter. Josh's younger brother Justin, and his wife Cami welcomed Hunter on March 5th.
He is such a sweet little boy. Sunday was his baby blessing and he looked so cute in his little outfit. Hunter is baby number 8 on Josh's side of the family. 5 boys-3 girls. I think Josh is having baby fever again and really wants to make that ratio 6-3.
He better hope it's a boy next time because 1 more is it! Didn't I say that after Haylee? Oops.