Friday, April 8, 2011


This is a post in which I ramble.

Josh turned over his belongings to Pulte today. They in turn handed him a fat severance check. I truly mean it when I say they treated Josh so wonderful these past 5 years and right up till the last minute. We will miss their awesome pay and benefits!

Josh will start his new job at Brewer on Monday. I'm excited. Josh is grateful. We are blessed.

Josh has started his own business. Elite Digital Services. He is a retailer for Qwest, Dish Network and soon to be Direct TV. If you have Cox (or Qwest) like we did you probably want to look into satellite. Cox keeps raising their prices and I had had enough. We switched last month and we are saving $38 a month which includes loosing our bundle discount. It is so much cheaper! They have 5 packages under $50 and there aren't a bunch of fees (like Cox). Our package is the top 120 channels for $29.99 and we pay $30.67 a month, so .68 for fees. Whoop-dee-doo. I love saving $. If you're interested call Josh (480) 707-1182. He can at least go over what you pay now and show you what your savings would be .If you know Josh you know he's not a pushy salesman, he just wants to help others save money too.

We sold our golf cart last week. Josh is sad that we got rid of his toy. His toy we never used.

I had surgery today on my eye. The prep was torture. I'm now a pirate. I can't see and I'm gonna have a black eye. Nice.

I continue to love couponing and getting things super cheap or free. I will never be on TLC's Extreme Couponing because I will never be that extreme obsessive. I mean, we do go through 20 bottles of mustard a week, but I would never buy 77 at one time and clear the shelf! Neither would I dress up in high heels and keep applying makeup for a grocery trip. But I will continue to gather my coupons, make a list, be extremely  organized and come home and take a picture of my awesome trip, because I'm funny like that. I love having a coupon high.

I didn't do a "My Weekly Deals" this week because I didn't go shopping. I went to Vegas instead. Hopefully I'll make it out this weekend since I'm having withdrawals.

I am starting the 30 Day Shred workout in hopes of solving some ithasbeenalmostayearsinceIhadababy issues. Apparently the extra 5 lbs. won't fall off on their own neither will my body return to it's *new* normal way this time around. I don't love the post baby things my body goes through but I sure do love my sweet baby N so it's all worth it.

Speaking of babies. If we decide to have another (I go back and forth often) we will probably start trying in about 10 months or so. We love the 3 year age gap. It took me a few months to get pregnant with Natalee and of course it happened with the help of Femara so maybe will just jump to the point this time instead of beating around the bush. We'll see. 2 is a hand full right now. I can't imagine 3.

Haylee is a pro at Super Mario. She likes to play it on the Nintendo DS and actually beats quite a few levels. I limit her playing time to when sister is napping because then it occupies her while I get things done too. It's a win win sorta deal.

Haylee is starting school in August. That is very hard for me to believe. I hope she enjoys going and has some well behaved kids in her "class" that rub off on her. Not that she's not a good kid, she just has an attitude.

Natalee has 8 teeth. Got 2 while we were in Vegas yet she was still a happy baby. I think she takes teething better than Haylee did.

Natalee now says "uh oh!"

Both girls did very good in the car for 6+ hours to and from Vegas. They both slept very well in the resort too. I wish I could say the same, but fitting 3 people on a queen size bed is not ideal. Next time we'll stick with our original resort unless this one offers a smokin' deal on 1 bedrooms with a real bed.

We took the girls to Disney On Ice: Princess Classic's last night. Haylee loved all the Princess's and Josh spent most of the time in the lobby with Natalee. She doesn't quite hold still long enough yet.

1 more lady bug died today.

Time to close my eyes. This one eye crap is annoying.


The Gotzingers said...

I love your lil blog updates. They are awesome!! I wish I could be more on top with mine.