Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Family Member(s)

Looks like our family is expanding once again. Luckily, it's just a few ladybugs this time! Haylee caught about 20 ladybugs before we left for Vegas and shared them with her cousin Hannah. At first it was cool that she had 9 little guys running around in her bug box (Daddy got her) but then they started pooping everywhere and some were doing nasty things so we decided to let all but 3 fly away.

Well, while we were in Vegas, Grandma took good care of them (along with Jackson) or so she says. I went to get them from her house today and 1 was dead. Yikes! She said she gave them fresh leaves and took good care of them but I don't know. As long as "Leafy" is still alive we'll be okay. He is the one Haylee found first, her favorite. He is orange.

I'm happy to say that I can now add ladybug breeder to my resume. Not that I ever had any intentions of breeding ladybugs but apparently they had different plans. Hopefully those were the ladybugs who flew away. It seems the remaining 3 2 are behaving themselves.