Monday, April 11, 2011

My Weekly Deals 4/6-4/11

Another slow week for deals.

I went to CVS to use my raincheck and get my FREE Listerine. They had them on sale for $1 a week or 2 ago and I had $2/2 coupons so I got 4 FREE.

Walgreen's had their Color Wonder's on sale last week for $1.50 so I used the $1/1 coupon we got 4/3 and got 3 of them for .50. I also picked up 2 Purex detergent for .99. They were on sale for $1.99 and I had some $1/1 coupons. I decided to try this for our sheets and towels.

Safeway has Roman Meal bread for $1.50. With the .75/1 IP I got 2 loaves for .50 each! I also got some boneless skinless chicken breast which they had for $1.99 lb. These items are on sale though tomorrow.

At Fry's I got 2 Dole salad kits for .99, a FREE box of Pillsbury Savorings I won from the last instant win game, 4 FREE Yakisoba, 12 FREE Snicker Eggs, 6 FREE Skittles, and 6 Marie Callendar's meals for $1 each.

Walmart had Similac Sensitive marked down to $3.84. I got 6 of them using my $5/1 coupons which made them FREE + gave me overage towards the other things I bought. While I was their I picked up 5 of the 2-pack 3-in-1 Purex Sheets for FREE. They are .97 and I used my $1/1 coupons which also gave me slight overage.

The most exciting thing was the deal I found all by myself at Walmart. I called Sheryl tonight as soon as I left and she posted it right away! They have the Toy Story 3 Operation for $5. Well just released a $3/1 coupon yesterday. Even better, there are big tearpads in the game section that state "Get a FREE TOMBSTONE PIZZA when you buy ANY Hasbro game". So $2 for the game AND a FREE Pizza!!!! Sweet! While I was there I found the Connect 4 travel games for $5.24 and there is a $3/1 coupon for that too making it $2.24. Stocking up for Christmas and Birthday's on the FREAP! Oh, and getting 6 FREE Pizzas! :)
And that's about it. I have a few things to go after at Target and other than that I'm just hoping Fry's has a good ad this week. These slow weeks with no deals makes me grumpy :)