Friday, April 1, 2011


There have been so many changes taking place in our home lately. Just this week Josh accepted a job offer from Brewer Plumbing who is taking over for Pulte. He will start with them on April 11th as a Superintendent and things will be pretty similiar to his current job with Pulte. He will have a work truck, a gas card, a phone, insurance etc. The only downfall.....a cut in pay and they only pay 50% of the insurance for him and nothing for me and the girls. After receiving his first offer from Brewer, Josh spoke up and told them his concerns. Right away they fixed each issue. Already showing signs of being a wonderful company and valuing Josh as an employee. They already up'd his starting pay and threw in an extra week of paid vacation for this year! Oh, and he will be working close to home.

I am very sad to see him leave Pulte. We have been so blessed with Josh working for them. I told Josh we have been spoiled. I have always felt a calming peace that everything would work out in the end and it sure has. I knew Josh wasn't gonna be let go completely. He is such an awesome worker.

Brewer wanted Josh to start 2 weeks earlier than when he was original gonna be layed off so that is why he starts the 11th of April. He will still get his severance package and all of his unused vacation paid from Pulte. Such a blessing.

Although one door is sadly closing, another is opening and we couldn't be more thankful!

More to come on some other changes in our family!