Monday, April 25, 2011

Natalee's 1st Birthday Party!

Natalee had a wonderful 1st Birthday party on Saturday! She was so happy, she squealed in excitement as she opened her presents and she devoured her giant cupcake. Everything was perfect!

We used the One-Derful 1st Birthday theme for Natalee. Bright colors, stars...super cute!
For lunch we had BBQ beef sandwiches, pasta salad and chips. Natalee stuck with the pasta salad and some of the bun.
Then it was present time.
Natalee got so excited over most of her gifts. It was so cute to see her squeal with excitement and make funny noises each time she opened something. It was also funny that she chucked the clothes on the floor. Nothing else, just clothes.
I think her favorites (just by the excitement when she opened it) were her baby doll, card (and gift card) from Roxie and her Singamajig.
Those were ones I remember her being very vocal about. Other favorites include her monkey ball, little people figurines, blocks, talking/singing puppy, activity table and her littler Bullseye (as long as it doesn't make noises or she's afraid of it).
Almost everything she opened went in her mouth.
After presents we sang Happy Birthday and brought out the traditional giant cupcake.
Unlike Haylee's 1st birthday, Natalee was not scared one bit. She literally dug in! She grabbed it with both hands and just shoved it in her face repeatedly.

She had the best time. After about 5 minutes the cupcake was crumbled into pieces and I had to pull her away from it to clean her up.
She had cake and frosting EVERYWHERE. In her hair, up her nose, all over her shirt, on her tutu...everywhere. But she sure had fun.
I had so much fun putting together Natalee's party. It was fun decorating, seeing family and seeing the excitement on my little girls face. I couldn't have asked for anything more!