Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hoppy Easter

We started getting ready for Easter on Thursday.

Haylee and I made Easter cookies and she had so much fun putting the sprinkles on.
She liked the pink and purple sprinkles because they sparkle.

Today we woke up and saw the Easter Bunny came!
We did an egg hunt first which Natalee loved.
She was so excited to be part of all the fun.
Haylee and Hannah raced around the house finding every last almost every hidden egg.
Jackson technically found the last egg and a couple others too.
We had a hard time keeping him from joining in the girls egg hunt.
We then had breakfast and then I hid eggs for Jackson to find all by himself and boy was he happy. Just like every year, he found all of his eggs, opened them and ate the treat. He's such a smart little boy!

Then we were off to Grandma's to dye eggs.
Haylee and Hannah had fun dropping the eggs in and watching them turn colors.
They were both excited to see all of the pretty colors.
Natalee was interested too.
She tossed (literally) a couple eggs in to be dyed herself.
Then she proceeded to smash it in her hand and watch egg crumble everywhere!
Maybe next year baby N. Haylee was sure proud of all of her beautiful eggs!

Basket time!
I loved that I didn't have to buy one thing for their baskets this year. I pulled out the Target bag with toys I bought at the after Easter sale last year and viola.....Easter on the Freap!
I guess I should add that I did get "fresh" candy for their baskets this year, but I didn't have to buy it :)

I then attempted pictures of my beautiful little girls in their Easter dresses.
I have no clue how people get 2 kids to look at the camera. I mean, I'm not even asking for both of them to smile, just both kids looking at the camera would be nice! My favorite is definitely Haylee giving her sister a kiss. So sweet!

Our new Easter tradition will be going to Bass Pro Shop. We went their to see the Easter Bunny and it turned out to be a lot of fun. There was no line to see the Easter Bunny. As you can see, Natalee was terrified just like I thought she would be.
But once Mommy sat next to the Easter Bunny, then he was okay I guess.
Haylee was pretty scared too but she did good and then she was very proud of herself. "See Mom, he's not scary at all. He's so cute." Bass Pro even had an egg hunt going on so we were able to find eggs that were hidden all over the store. The girls turned their eggs in for candy. It was a lot of fun and we will definitely do that again next year.

Easter dinner was hosted by Cracker Barrel this year. I've only eaten there once before but my Mom loves that place. Dinner was super yummy and Natalee loved the green beans, macaroni and cheese, and apples. She of course started screeching so loud (her new thing) and the couple next to us switched tables. Nice. I hope this phase ends fast. After dinner we shopped in the gift shop which is my favorite part about Cracker Barrel. They have cute gifts and old fashioned candy. Love it!

The girls had a wonderful day. They loved their baskets, had fun doing egg hunts, tolerated the Easter Bunny and are now fast asleep!