Saturday, April 16, 2011

Bad Fry's Experience

Today I had my first bad experience at Fry's. I've been couponing for 8 months now so it was bound to happen. Funny thing is, it was the rude people behind me, not a rude cashier.

4 coupons (.50/1 Green Giant) wouldn't scan so my cashier had to call the manager up. This older couple behind me start mumbling something and then she looks at me and says, "I use coupons, but not like that!" and is all ticked off because there is a problem. I asked my cashier if she wants me to go to customer service and get it figured out and she tells me no. The rude lady says, "ya, we think you should." When the manager comes up the older lady starts going off about coupons and how ridiculous this is. The manager stuck up for me and said, "there is nothing wrong with using coupons!" So rude lady goes off, "well then maybe you should fix your system so that is excepts the coupons. You know, she offered to go up to customer service and the cashier said no. How much will this save her? We'll just pay for it. We want out of this line!" I didn't know what to say. Both the cashier and the manager kept apologizing to me and reassured me I had done nothing wrong which further irritated rude old lady, "oh, so you tell her sorry..." Geez lady, I'm just trying to save my family some money. I'm sure I spent less than you on my entire cart full of groceries than you did on your 10 items.

It's times like this where I thought of plenty of things I should have said but I was speechless when it happened. Usually the people behind me are shocked at the savings and want to know how I know all the tricks. Obviously these people woke up on the wrong side of the bed!


Sheryl said...

Ugh. I'm sorry. I was behind a lady the other day, who was behind a gal using coupons. That old lady was NASTY...... and even worse? She tried to pay via check and got denied (no funds) -- the lady had to go to ATM to take out $ and had NO MONEY in there either. This old lady was a snark, held up the line and then eventually left the whole order there. But made a rude comment to me about How "she feeds her family organic" because "coupons are for processed food"... funny how she can't PAY for that organic food. ... LOLOLOL!!