Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Ramblings

I like Friday Ramblings. I can just ramble about anything and everything. This will have to be a regular post just like my My Weekly Deals I post Monday. Ok, I guess I'm already rambling....

Haylee has no longer been complaining of bellyaches. This is wonderful! For so long all we'd here was "my belly hurts." Now she knows how to fix the "problem" when it occurs. In fact, I hear her playing Yahtzee in the bathroom quite often!

Haylee also no longer takes a nap. I mean, she will if we put her down, but she does fine all day without one and it's easier to let her stay up than to fight with her to take a nap by herself. She will gladly take one with me if I lay down but that's not very often.

Little Miss Natalee was introduced to milk on Monday and I'd say she is doing just fine. I introduced it a little early so that when she turns 1 it will be a smoother transition from bottle with formula to cup with milk. I think the hardest part will be no more bottle before bed, but I'm not sure if it will be harder for her or for me. I love rocking her and giving her a bottle.

Natalee has had this awesome schedule down for a few weeks now. She goes to bed at 8pm and doesn't wake up till 8am. I love sleeping in!

I'm fairly certain I will loose it next weekend at some point as we celebrate Natalee's 1st birthday. I mean seriously...1 year old already? Where did this entire past year go?

It's kinda crazy to think in the entire past year I only left the house with the girls by myself (while Josh was at work) like 5 times. Lately (well the last 2 days) I have gotten so brave and actually took them with me to get my freap on. That is like major. Grocery stores, lists, coupons, issues at checkouts and kids? It was always easier to leave them home with Josh but I finally put my big girl panties on and everything has great! Both girls did very good the last 2 days. I still don't think I could take them on a major Fry's run, especially not a Mega one. That will take another year to prepare for.

I am no longer taking thyroid medicine. I went to the doctor last month for some blood work and he thinks the thyroid issues were pregnancy related (or that my levels were a little high because of other pregnancy hormones) so when the results came back fine he said I could stop my medicine. I feel fine, not tired or anything. I love not having to take a daily pill!

Josh's been sick since Sunday. He went to the doctor Wednesday night and found out he had strep and was told a prescription was sent in. Well today is Friday and I finally got his prescription because even though I kept calling the doctors office and they said they re-faxed it over, Fry's still did not have anything. So needless to say, Josh has been quarantined from the rest of us and I have had a taste of life as a single mom this past week and I can't say that I like it one bit. I hope Josh feels better soon, both for his sake and my sanity!

Josh did start his new job Monday and he's in the office trying to help convert Pulte stuff over to Brewer right now. Hopefully he can get out to the field soon and he should be close to home. Everything is going smooth now (except him being sick) and he should have a new truck soon. He has one now but it has a hideous rack on it :)

Now it's time to go to bed. I got a big day ahead of me tomorrow. I'm rocking Fry's first thing in the morning!