Friday, March 25, 2011

Oak Creek

Josh and I finally made it on our Valentine's getaway. It was so wonderful for the two of us to spend quality time together and not have to worry about waking up early, changing diapers and screaming kids. We enjoyed every minute but we sure missed our little girls.

Friday night we had dinner at Javelina Cantina which has super yummy mexican food. Then we just relaxed in our room in the jacuzzi tub by the fireplace.
I have to add, the room was actually a joke. We are so use to our timeshare which also has a jacuzzi tub and fireplace but is also like 10 times bigger. The reason I chose this place was because I wanted more of a cabin type atmosphere. It worked, but we'll stick with our timeshare from now on.
Saturday we spent the day in Flagstaff. We shopped a little and enjoyed lunch/dinner at Outback along with our favorite, Wallaby Darned. Then we went to see Hall Pass. It was pretty funny, but there were a couple "not so funny" parts. :) When we left I told Josh, "sorry, but I'll never give you a hall pass." His reply, "I don't need one." Good answer baby!

Sunday we enjoyed the Coffee Pot (again) which is our favorite restaurant in Sedona. They have wonderful breakfast and mexican food too. After that we headed home, making a couple stops along the way. It was so wonderful to be back home hugging our little girls who seemed equally excited to see us.
A big thanks to my Mom for watching our girlies and taking great care of them. Her response when we got home..."I don't know how you do it!" Hahahaha. Wait till she has them for a week when we go on a cruise for our 10 year Anniversary. Heck, we may have another kiddo by then!