Thursday, March 24, 2011

9 Years

Our Sweet little boy is 9 years old today. It's crazy to think I've had him nearly 9 years! I keep telling him he's an old fart.

We got Jackson from a private breeder. When we went to look at the puppies he was the only one left. He was muddy because he had been out "playing with the goats." He was so adorable and we couldn't resist. $50 and we were on our way.
At first Jackson was a little rebel. He chewed the cabinets in our bathroom, would rearrange the house while we were at work and just did things puppies do. I started putting him outside while we were at work and would fill up a kiddie pool for him.

He shaped up rather quickly and has become the best dog. He has always played the protective role yet is so sweet and patient with his sisters who are constantly harassing him. We are teaching Natalee to be nice to "Bubba" because she likes to "pat" him not so gently and pulls his hair out trying to stand up on him. Haylee is very good with him. He has never bit anyone, but he will warn you when he's had enough.

Jackson has always been more of a child than a dog to us. He is so smart and knows exactly what we are saying. Park. Ball. Treat. Walk. Bath. He LOVES to play ball, but never drops the ball after he catches it. You have to pretend you're not playing anymore and then he'll drop it and you can try to steal it. He loves to go for walks too and his favorite treats are the white chocolate dipped bones we bring him home from the Sedona Fudge Shop. Baths are a different story. He doesn't love them, but he'll stand still and let me wash him. Then he runs around the house like a maniac drying off.
He loves to do egg hunts on Easter. He'll find every egg, open it with his mouth and eat the treats out. Now it's hard to teach him that after he gets "his" eggs he has to leave the other ones alone since the girls have to find some too. And yes, he gets an Easter basket too.
We are big on "themed" birthday's at our house. Guess it comes from my childhood. Before we had the girls, we would have themed parties for Jackson. He's had Chicken Little, Cars, Happy Feet and I can't remember what else. Now, we still have a "party" for him, just not a themed one.
Camping is one of Jackson's favorite things. The drive up is his least favorite but once we're there he enjoys every minute. He loves running around free and checking everything out.
Jackson has also dressed up every Halloween. He's been a devil, cowboy, Elvis, Shrek, Batman and Zorro (that I can remember). He even won a photo contest thru Walgreens for his Shrek costume!
(2002 & 2006)
On Christmas, Jackson gets to open presents just like the girls and he gets his own stocking too. We usually get him a new baby and some treats. Jackson loves his baby. He always lays with it and sucks on it's head, weird but cute. It's like his comfort toy.
For Jackson's Birthday today I made him scrambled eggs for breakfast and tonight we went for a walk to the park to play ball. He was worn out rather fast. Old guy is outta shape. The girls enjoyed playing in the grass and finding lady bugs while Jackson took a break. Tonight we all had tacos for dinner, Jackson got his new baby and had an oatmeal pie after we sang Happy Birthday. My Mom brought him over a little teddy bear and a "Birthday Donut". He is spoiled just like the girls.

Happy Birthday Jackson. You are the best little boy ever. Even though your hair drives me nuts I wouldn't trade you for any dog in the world. We love you so much!