Monday, March 28, 2011

11 Months

I can hardly believe it! In just 1 month my sweet baby Natalee will be ONE! AHHHHHHH.

I would say Natalee is right around 22 lbs. She is a BIG girl. And if you ask her "how big is Natalee?" She will tell you she is soooooooo big!

Things to remember~

Wears size 3-4 diapers.

Wears mostly 12 month clothing.

Has 6 teeth.

Always on the go. Hasn't officially walked by herself but she will walk pushing a shopping cart or walk holding onto things.

Barely started saying "Dada" to go along with "Mama & Bubba" and all the other jib jabbering she does.

She is no longer nursing. This makes me so sad. Her last day was March 3rd.

Spent the first part of the month sick with double ear infections, a cough, congestion and diarrhea which resulted in the B.R.A.T. diet and a not so happy baby. (Not because of the diet but because she was sick)

Loves to dance. We laugh so hard because she moves her body back and forth and claps her hands and it's just the cutest thing.
She is into EVERYTHING! We already has cabinet latches downstairs in the kitchen but looks like we need them upstairs in both bathrooms too. Haylee is always telling me, "Mom, she's into everything!" Way worse than Haylee was. Her favorite is still Jackson's dog bowls or trying to crawl up the stairs when the gate isn't up. She is fast!

She went to the Ostrich Festival, breakfast with Aunt Roxie, and the zoo this month. She spent time with Grandma Patti while we went to Sedona and she also met her new cousin Hunter finally!

She has been sleeping 12 hours at night. She goes to bed at 8pm and has been waking up at 8am. This makes Mommy very happy! She is still taking 2 naps a day. The first nap is usually 1 1/2 hours and the second nap is around 2 hours. Same routine at nap/bedtime...lay her down with her bear bear, binkie and blanket. Turn on her night light and crib music and shut her door. She usually goes right to sleep.

She is eating table foods exclusively now. I try to give her a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, applesauce, yogurt, bread and any type of crackers, puffs etc.

She drinks 8 oz. bottles between meals. They last few nights she has been so hungry and I've had to make her a 2nd bottle because 8 oz. isn't enough. That's why we call her pork chop!

She is a very happy baby. She loves to play with Haylee and she loves to take baths. Baths make us nervous because she constantly wants to stand up.
We are so blessed to have 2 beautiful, healthy little girls. Celebrating Natalee's 1st Birthday is gonna be bittersweet. I'm going to be so sad. I can't believe how fast this past year went by. Its crazy. Time to pack away the bottles and introduce her to "real" milk. Where did my sweet little newborn go?

(The pictures in this post are from her "photo shoot" we did Saturday for her birthday invitations)