Monday, October 11, 2010


Haylee basically taught herself how to ride a tricycle a couple weeks ago. After watching an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse she asked to ride her bike. The "bike" she was referring to was a little tricycle she's had for probably a couple years. She was too small when she got it so I kinda tucked it away under the stairs. Well, after seeing Minnie ride her bike on tv, Haylee remembered hers and wanted to ride it. I showed her 1 time how to push down on the pedals with her feet to get herself going and how to steer.

By the end of the day she was a pro. Now she rides around the house in circles all day long. Hey, it keeps her busy.

(Yes she's wearing her undies and swimsuit top. It's just another one of her "Ariel" outfits. Don't ask.)

Apparently Natalee was also interested in trying it out.

She might have to wait a little while. Her legs won't reach the pedals yet!


the Picketts said...

we have those same bikes!! they are so cute-- my boys love them-its fun to see them riding them soooooooo fast too!!