Thursday, October 7, 2010

Update Time

I'm Back!!! (again)

It's been a little less than a week since I got all 4 wisdom teeth pulled. I'm finally feeling better. The first day was rough, but then by day #2 I felt pretty good so I thought, "wow, not too bad." Errr, I was wrong. The next 3 days or so were pretty bad. A lot of pain, feeling lousy and tired. As long as I took my pain meds I wasn't in pain, but I don't like taking percocet when it's just me and the girls. Not so good. Aside from my bruised arm (where I had the iv) and my bruised face (I don't even want to know how he yanked those bad boys out) I'm feeling better now and actually able to get things done. I'm so far behind. I have alot of things to post about, but I'll do a quick post about our first born "child" and take the weekend to get caught up, hopefully.

Jackson. Our sweet little first born. Our only son. Awesome big brother.

He is adjusting to his new sister way better than Haylee! He actually pretty much leaves her alone. A few times he has come up to sniff her but doesn't really bother her. I think he is thinking, "you don't have any food so you're no fun." Or maybe he knows what is about to happen as soon as she is crawling and walking. If she is anything like Haylee she'll be harassing him all day long. No wonder he hides in the laundry room.

Jackson is a wonderful dog. Although he is no where near as spoiled as he use to be, he gets plenty of attention and treats. He is very well taken care of and loved.

We haven't had any other issues since his surgery and he seems as healthy and active as can be. In just a few short months he'll be 9. That's so hard to believe.

Thanks for being such a good boy Jackson. We love you!