Saturday, October 16, 2010

Suns Game

This past Tuesday we went to a Suns Pre-Season game.

(My Mom has season tickets this year)

This was Natalee's first game. Once she got a little nap she was good to go. She just chilled and played with the tag on her burp cloth, a new favorite. The Gorilla came up to the top but didn't quite make it to our section. Haylee was sad because she wanted her picture with him. She kept her eye on him all night as he danced around the court. Josh happened to be out in the lobby area with Natalee as the Gorilla came out and he patted Natalee on the back while she was sleeping.

The Suns lost, but we had fun. As long has Haylee has popcorn she is good to go. She'll sit and watch the whole game!