Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yay, it's zoo time again! It has been months since we've been there, can't imagine why! Last weekend we took the girls (Natalee's 1st time) to see the Koala's our zoo is housing for a couple months.

I call them our foreign exchange students! :) They are so cute. I just wish they did more than sleep 20 hours a day! but they are cute to look at.

We tried to get a family picture,

but Natalee was too distracted to look at the camera.

She preferred to watch the little deer run around,

and sit in "Ariel's" shell with sister.

Also, since we've been there last many new changes have taken place. They broke ground (and are probably halfway finished) on the new orangutan exhibit,

we got new baby Zebras,

and they moved the carousel, which about gave Haylee a heart attack! But I quickly asked someone and we found the carousels new "home". We also found out carousel rides are now only $1 for members! Yay :) So needless to say, these next 6-7 months will bring lots of visit to the zoo. I love when it cools down!