Thursday, July 8, 2010


Who knew it took 9 1/2 hours to get to Vegas and 10 hours to get back home. We can know longer travel easily since we have 2 kids. We left on Saturday and the trip up wasn't too bad except for the dam traffic. We thought we'd miss it since we were going up on Saturday, but no such luck. Apparently the dam is so interesting and everyone has to drive 2 mph to check it out. The back up started 5 miles before the dam and took us 2 hours to get through it!

Then, there's Natalee. Poor girl couldn't take any good naps in the car, she kept waking up and crying because she was tired. Then she exploded, and there was poop the whole way up to her armpits. Haylee was good, she's always been an excellent traveler. She watches movies, reads books, yells for the cars in front of us to move faster, and sleeps.

Oh, and has to potty when there's no bathroom in sight.

(Thankfully we have our trusty little portable potty just for that reason)

By the time we got to our resort we were worn out so we just unpacked and went to bed. Jim and Kris (Josh's Dad and Step-Mom) met us at our resort to visit for a little while but Natalee was a very unhappy, tired, little girl.

Sunday morning (after waking up next to this sweet girl)....

we went to the Mirage to see the dolphins and the tigers. Haylee had fun, loved all the animals, and Natalee slept. (Natalee surprisingly took awesome 3 hour naps both days we were in Vegas. If only she could have done that while we were driving)

After the Mirage, we went back to the resort to take a nap and then we headed to Jim & Kris's to swim,

play with cousins,

eat ice cream cones,

play with sparklers,

and watch fireworks that Papa was lighting off.

Natalee also got to meet her Papa and she loved to smile and "talk" to him.

We had a wonderful time and always enjoy spending time with the family.

Monday we started the day at Circus Circus, a family favorite. Haylee loves to play all the games and win animals.

She also loves to ride all the fun rides.

Natalee...she likes to sleep through all the excitement!

That night we went to dinner with the family again...

and then we hit the strip. M & M World, MGM Grand, and the ABC Store!

And Natalee played some slots!

The we called it a night since some of us were exhausted.

Tuesday morning we woke up, packed things up, laughed at Haylee's new head band,

and headed home. Sounds easy right? Not so much. Natalee exploded 2 more times (how come this child only poops in the car?), and cried most of the way home. She was getting so mad that she kept waking up and then she decided to boycott the bottle. In Wickenberg, I got the genius idea to swaddle her and put her in her car seat. She slept the whole way home.

Why didn't I think of that from the beginning?

Vegas was a blast. The drive, not so much. We enjoyed spending time with Josh's Dad and the family. We decided that next time we'll go for a week....and fly!