Monday, July 12, 2010

Bear Bear

This is Bear Bear.

He is Haylee's Best Friend.

This was a conversation we had the other day-

Haylee- "he (bear bear) just came outta my belly. See (lifting up her shirt) I don't have a fat belly anymore."
Me- "oh really?"
Haylee- "he drinks boobie milk too."

Last night she told me that even though bear bear likes boobie milk, "he also drinks apple juice. But he likes boobie milk better. Apple juice makes him throw up."

I had no idea!

Bear Bear was given to Haylee by her Grandma (Patti) when she was born. When she was little I would put him against Haylee's chest and wrap her arms around him. I thought it'd be cute if she had a little lovey as a security type thing. What was I thinking? It seems as she gets older, it gets worse. She use to just want to sleep with him, and that was it. Now, she wants to take him wherever we go and when she's tired (or in trouble) she always whines for bear bear. God forbid we ever loose him. Long ago I tried to find a replacement one just in case but they were no where to be found.

It cracks me up to see Haylee copy what I do with Natalee to bear bear. She never tries to mother Natalee though, only bear bear. Whenever I'm putting Natalee down and I want to make sure Haylee leaves the room and is quite I just tell her bear bear is crying and needs a nap too. Works every time!