Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Birthday Girl

Our little princess turned 3 yesterday. I can't believe she's 3 already. I think it would have been a lot more depressing if we didn't have Natalee, because to think my "baby" is 3 is just crazy. We celebrated Haylee's actually birthday by taking her to see Marmaduke. She says it was a "cute" movie!

After the movie we took Haylee to the Disney store because she wanted to buy some Toy Story 3 toys with her birthday money. She put the items she wanted on the counter and I gave the lady her money. I explained to Haylee that I was giving the lady her birthday money to pay for it and Haylee looked at me and said, "and then she'll give it back?" I wish that's how it worked!

I am so thankful to have Haylee as my daughter. She is such a beautiful, intelligent, hilarious little girl. I enjoy watching her change and grow each day and she is constantly amazing me with her wonderful memory. She is so independent and loves to dress herself, brush her teeth and do pretty much everything on her own. She is such a wonderful big sister (when she wants to be) and loves to hold and kiss Natalee all the time. I love when she tries to get her to stop crying by showing her different toys. I can't wait till Natalee is a little older and they can play together, Haylee will love that!

I was ready to jump for joy that I survived the terrible two's until everyone informed me three's are much worse. I can't wait!