Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Party Time

Saturday was a busy day. It started out with a princess party for Haylee's 3rd Birthday.

She had a wonderful time. We kept it simple and did pizza and chips this year.

After lunch Haylee opened her presents. She got a lot of awesome gifts and some of her favorites she said are her Princess rain boots (that she has yet to take off), her play-doh, and her musical tooth brush. Her main gift from us this year was a Vtech game system with 5 games. It's very educational and teaches her colors, shapes, the alphabet and more.

Haylee did really good this year not crying when we brought out the cake. We asked if she wanted us to sing (that's what makes her cry) and she said no, so I just counted to 3 and everyone said "Happy Birthday." That was cutting it close, but there were no tears.

She blew out the candle and then actually ate some of it (which she hasn't done before) after telling Daddy it was "too big" and that it needed to be "cut". At first she was a little apprehensive, then she dug in.

Others weren't afraid at all.

(I just died laughing watching Drew steal bites).

Haylee had so much fun playing with all of her cousins and friends, and running around the house.

As for Natalee....she enjoyed being loved by all. She was so excited to meet Roxie and Tom and was a happy, content baby the entire time.

After all of the excitement was over, we tried taking Haylee to the zoo but she wanted to stay home and play with her new toys. After an hour of play-doh she decided it was finally okay to go get dinner. We took her to Outback (she actually chose the restaurant) and the celebrating continued. They brought her out ice cream with chocolate sauce and oreos and of course, a cherry on top. The lite a candle but did not sing Happy Birthday. She was a happy girl!

And that's not all. After dinner we ended our fun-filled day at Chuck E Cheese.

And then we were all exhausted!