Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

Falling behind again. I have a lot to catch up on so stick with me here. Let's say our weekend started Thursday. We took Haylee to Disney on Ice, 100 Years of Magic. There were over 60 characters (I think they said) and we had a blast. Haylee is always scared at first that the characters are going to come into the audience and touch her but once she realizes they aren't she'll let loose and enjoys the show more. She sat eating her popcorn and playing with her Princess light up toy and was such a good girl. And of course, she's still going over all the characters we saw that night.

Saturday I had my last craft show at the Queen Creek Farmer's Market & Craft Fair. Josh was my helper once again and we did better this time around. Funny thing is, there were about 1/2 as many people this time. The big seller this weekend was my burp cloths, I sold 5 sets! I also sold a couple journals and some cards. We had fun and the weather was beautiful. I'm gonna hold off on craft shows till next spring because I just don't think I'll have any extra time for awhile, can't imagine why... Saturday night Haylee colored Easter eggs with Grandma then Josh and I went to a couple stores to get some of the last minute things we needed/wanted for Natalee.

We got her pack-n-play, monitor, binkies, diapers, and a few other things. I only have a couple things left that I hope to pick up this Friday and then I'm done. My list of things to do is finally dwindling a bit! I changed my mind on the whole sling thing again and now I'm getting the Peanut Shell. It's 1/2 the price of the other one I was looking at and it seems to be exactly the same. Although I didn't use a carrier that much with Haylee, I think I'll use one more often with Natalee since I'll have 2 kids to juggle. Especially since Haylee has to mark her territory go potty at ever store or restaurant we go in.

Sunday was a crazy, busy day. We started the morning off by letting Haylee and Jackson check out their Easter baskets. Haylee was more excited about the grass in her basket than the actually presents. Go figure! She got Princess Golden Books, a Princess hooded towel, and a Little People Easter set. Jackson got some treats.

After breakfast (which Josh made and was delicious) we did Easter egg hunts for both kids. Jackson went first, found all of his eggs, opened them, and enjoyed the treats. Then it was Haylee's turn. She found all her eggs and stuffed them in her basket trying to hurry before Jackson found hers and claimed them as his own. Fun times!

After that, it was Haylee's turn to hide the eggs for Mommy and Daddy. We would find one here and there, then all the rest (10+) would we lined up in a row down the hall-we cracked up laughing. We made Easter cookies, colored Easter eggs and then it was off to get a bath and take a nap.

After nap we went to the park so I could get some pictures of Haylee in her dress with her basket and eggs, and then we went to my mom's for dinner. It was a long day and I was exhausted by the time I crawled flopped into bed. Oh, and Sunday marked the 36th week of my pregnancy making me officially 9 months pregnant (see previous post).

The craziness didn't stop there. Monday, Haylee, my mom and I were the first through the door at Target for the after Easter sales. Ya, we're crazy! We got some great deals and I got Haylee & Natalee matching baskets and all the stuff to go in it for next year, just thinking ahead =). After that we spent the day going to some other favorite stores including Ikea where I found a night stand for Natalee's room-another thing to mark off my list! That night, me, my mom, sister and 2 nieces went to see "The Last Song". I thought it was gonna be a cute love story. It was, combined with a too-close-to-home very sad ending. All 3 movies us girls have went to lately have left us in tears, this one was the worse though. So bring the tissues if you go see it.

Yesterday was the big day for me. I got my braces off after having them on a little over 2 years. What a difference! I can't believe how different my mouth, and overall face structure has changed. Talk about red carpet treatment (literally), I show up and there is a red carpet leading to the door with a sign mentioning everyone who was getting their braces off. Inside, there were balloons at each chair and I even got a goody bag with all the candy I wasn't suppose allowed to eat the last 2 years. And then to top it off the staff sang us a song about getting our braces off. I'm really happy with how they look.