Sunday, April 4, 2010

36 Weeks

(I look as big as a barn....I don't think I'm really as big as I look in this picture)

*How far along: 36 weeks= 9 months!

*Total weight gain/loss: Up 29 lbs. (I gained 33 lbs. total with Haylee

*Maternity clothes: The only thing comfortable is stretchy gauchos and maternity shirts.

*Sleep: Getting more uncomfortable.

*Best moment this week: Hearing her heartbeat at the doctor.

*Movement: Still squirming around.

*Food cravings: ehh, not so much cravings...just always hungry.

*Gender: A precious little girl.

*Labor Signs: Nope, just other pains!

*Belly Button in or out: It's out!!!!!

*What I miss: Just being comfortable. My feet are starting to hurt now.

*What I am looking forward to: Seeing what Natalee looks like.

*Milestones: I'm 36 weeks!!! Only 4 weeks to go.