Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

Since mostly everything exciting around here happens on the weekend I'm gonna start doing a "Weekend Recap" post every Monday morning.

This weekend was busy, just like every weekend around here. On Saturday my mom and I started to wash Natalee's laundry. I brought out the tubs of clothes and decided to wash all of the 0-6 month clothes along with blankets and burp cloths. We got 5 loads done but had to stop due to a hanger shortage. I can't believe how much girl clothes I have! I have done 3 more loads today and have about 2-3 more. Now the problem is where to put everything. I have less space than we did with Haylee because we put one of the dressers in Haylee's room.

After nap Haylee went to Grandma's to spend the night (only her 4th time and she's almost 3!). My mom didn't have Hannah so Haylee and Grandma had a fun night together. Josh and I had dinner at Applebee's and went to see Bounty Hunter. Afterwards we went to Walmart for some groceries and decided we'd never go there after 10pm again because there are too many weirdos working!

Sunday morning my mom, Haylee, Josh and I all went out to breakfast. It seems this has become a new weekend tradition. We use to never go out for breakfast but it's so yummy! After breakfast Josh took Haylee to the park to play while my mom and I went to see Crazy Heart. I'm not too sure about that movie. A relationship between a younger girl and a man old enough to be her Dad isn't very amusing to me.

Sunday afternoon we had a little birthday party for Jackson. He is so happy now that he has his stitches out and he doesn't have to wear his cone anymore.

Josh BBQ'd some burgers and then we enjoyed the beautiful weather outside. Jackson loved playing ball since it's been awhile.

The girls enjoyed their ice cream from the annoying ice cream man.

 And then we headed inside so Jackson could open his presents.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and he gobbled down his cupcake in 2 seconds!

Oh, and I wanted to update about the spider situation. It started Thursday night (or I guess early Friday morning) when Haylee woke up screaming hysterical because there was "a big spider crawling on her foot." This was the first time she's had a nightmare and has reacted like this. It was so sad. She was shaking and kept trying to brush imaginary spiders off her legs. It was kinda like when you hear someone has lice and you can't stop scratching your head, I didn't know if there really was a spider or if it was a bad dream. I'm thinking the later because I searched her room and even stripped her down and found nothing. For the next 2 hours she kept sitting up and looking at her legs, the pillow, sheets etc. until she finally fell back to sleep. The next night she talked about it before bed but didn't wake up at all during the night. We did leave her closet light on that night. Then last night she woke up in the middle of the night crying for Daddy but it wasn't the freaked out scream like before. I went in there and she was sitting up looking at her legs and told me she had a spider on her. I told her there wasn't spiders and tucked her back in and left and she was fine. Now tonight, as I type this Josh is in there because after I left she started crying again about spiders. I really hope she NEVER sees a spider in the house or we are in big trouble. My poor little girl.