Monday, March 15, 2010

Zoo Trip

Last Thursday me and my Mom took Haylee and Hannah to the zoo. I've been taking Haylee every other week the past couple months and we are just enjoying the beautiful weather and fresh air. But, all good things must come to an end, and the temperatures hitting 80 degrees this week is a sign the nice weather will soon end.

At the zoo we walked all around enjoying the animals who were not taking their afternoon nap. The girls played in the play area where I had to yell at remind 3 different kids not to throw sand since their parents weren't paying attention-I hate that! They played on the tractors.

They milked the cow. Haylee was very serious with this one!

Haylee fed a squirrel some goldfish. It was so adorable how he would stand on his hind legs and beg. He got so close to the stroller and put his front paws on the wheel and just looked up at Haylee like, "can I please have another?" Haylee laughed.

Then we rode the carousel, of course.

We had a wonderful time. Can't wait to go again!