Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jackson's Surgery

Update: Jackson is out of surgery. He is awake now but woke up a little "rough" so they gave him a sedative to calm him. He can come home in about 2 hours!

Today Jackson is at the vet getting his surgery. He has a 1 1/2 inch mass on his chest that has been bothering him. I've had 2 opinions, and both doctors have said it doesn't look cancerous or serious, but we want it removed so Jackson doesn't keep licking it and going insane. I had to drop him off at 7am this morning and he did NOT want to stay, which is usually. He gets so nervous the second we walk in the door and he tries to leave. All the nurses and doctors are so nice there and the lady this morning was trying to calm his nerves by talking to him like one of her own. I had to kiss him bye and tell him I love him and leave him in the hands of the doctors. I just pray everything goes well, I've been a bit emotional. Afterall, this is our little boy and anytime anesthesia is involved, it worries me. I will update on this post after I hear from the doctor which will be after the surgery is complete.

He sure looked happy this morning. He didn't know what was going on yet. I know he's not gonna be a happy camper coming home with a cone around his head!