Friday, March 26, 2010

A First for Haylee Girl

Can you guess where Haylee went this week?

Haylee finally got to go to the dentist! (Looks more like a park huh?) She did very good. First they did some x-rays of her teeth which she was a little nervous about but held still.

Next they did the cleaning and the only thing she had a problem with was lying down. She doesn't like to lie down. The hygienist was great and said that was fine. I tried to convince her if she would lie down she could watch the cartoons on TV that was above her chair but that didn't work.

So she held really still and kept her mouth open "like a crocodile" and then showed the hygienist how beautiful her teeth looked.

Her favorite part was "Mr. Slurpie" the suction wand which the hygienist let her hold to suck out the extra saliva. Haylee thought that was hilarious and kept belly laughing.

Gee, I can't remember ever having that much fun at the dentist! After the cleaning the dentist came in a looked at all her teeth and then they put some sealant on her teeth. When she was done she said, "time to go play on the slide!" She got a goody bag with a new tooth brush, tooth paste, and then she got to pick out some toys from the treasure chest. I was so impressed with this place and how kid oriented it was. The waiting room, the room she got her cleaning in, and both the hygienist and dentist were just awesome. This will surely make going to the dentist fun each time.

That night, we met a couple of our friends from Iowa, Lance & Sam for dinner at San Tan Flats. When they came down last year we went to the same place and now it’s sort of a yearly tradition. This year they brought their little girl Kenzie with them and it was so good to meet her, she's precious.

Haylee kept wanting to see her and I let her hold her. She's never held a baby before and she did pretty good until she wanted Kenzie to look at her so she grabbed her face to turn it.

She has never been around a baby before since she is the youngest on both sides of the family so there is a lot for her to learn. I'm really excited for Natalee to get here so I can see how wonderful of a sister Haylee will be.

It was fun to catch up on life, and I was glad Dustin came too with Hannah (and my Mom), it was fun having everyone together. The girls even got to roast marshmallows-yummy! Hopefully this will continue to be a yearly thing because I love getting together with old friends-I've known Lance 15 years now.