Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Low Fluid

At my appointment today I received a lot of news. I'll get the bad news over with first. The ultrasound tech thinks I might have low fluid. I'm measuring 10.6 and she said at 8 they would send me right to the hospital. I was instructed to take it easy tonight, keep my feet up and drink lots of water. Having low fluid is not good for the cord. The cord, being the baby's lifeline, needs plenty of fluid to float around in to function properly or it can cause problems for the baby. If I do in fact have low fluid I will be put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy and I don't know what else from there. All I know is bed rest will be super difficult for me, I can't hold still for a minute. Not to mention having a 2 1/2 year old and an injured dog. I will do whatever I have to for my sweet little girl though. I wouldn't want anything to happen to her.

The good news (or at least non negative) is that she already weighs 4.59lbs. and is measuring right on track. She is head down, has hair (big surprise), and most's still a girl! I gained 2 lbs. since my last appointment making my total weight gain 26 lbs. and I have a follow up appointment next week to go over everything (phase 2 ultrasound and where we go from here).

Please pray for good news tomorrow. I will post an update tomorrow afternoon.

Ok, now for an update on Jackson. When we picked him up yesterday he was still pretty out of it. As we were walking to the car I noticed blood everywhere. First of all, I don't do blood. Luckily, it was coming from where his IV was and so they were able to re-wrap it and he was ok. When we got home it was hard for him to get comfortable. He didn't want to lie down, he was whining, just irritable. He did finally calm down and get some rest. We gave him a little water and a little bit of food which he tolerated both and then I gave him his pain medicine and we put him in bed with us. He whined off and on throughout the night. We let him out a couple times to potty (since he can't fit out the dog door with his cone) but after Josh left for work around 4:30am things were rough. He didn't want to be in bed anymore, he was having a hard time getting up and down the stairs, and I don't think he really knew what he wanted. I let him out, offered him more food and water, tried to get him to lie down but he just wandered around whining. I finally fell asleep about 30 minutes before Haylee woke up and when I checked on him he was on the couch sleeping. So needless to say it was a rough night. This evening, he is doing a lot better. He's more stable, wagging his tail, and we've had periods of "no cone" time so he can eat, drink and go potty easier. He finally ate a little bit for the first time today and he did take both medicines like a good boy this morning. He is still whining a bit but is more comfortable. Haylee is waiting for Jackson to sing the "my boo boo feels better" song* but I told her that might take a day or 2. She has been pretty good with him but won't leave him completely alone because she loves to sit next to him and pet him. He's okay with it though. He has to wear his cone for 7-10 days and I have to take him back in 10-14 days to have his stitches removed. Poor little guy.

*On the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode of "Daisy the Doctor" Goofy sings "my boo boo feels better" after Daisy fixes his pretend boo boo. Haylee wants Jackson to sing that song about his boo boo.

And finally, being St. Patrick's Day and all (not that we really celebrate it) I made Haylee these cute cupcakes. It's all part of the rainbows-leprechauns-pot of gold theme. She loved them!


Jennie said...

Poor Jackson ... cone dogs always look so pitifu :-(

Will keep up the prayers for Miss Natalee. Stay positive! :)