Thursday, February 11, 2010

Locked Door

When we were coming up with solutions to Haylee's sleeping issues, I was advised by a couple people to turn her door knob around and lock her in. Of course, we did just that and it worked great! However, locking her in also introduced her to the fact that door knobs have locks. For a couple days I noticed she would shut the door, push the lock button in, then pull the handle to unlock it-just figuring it all out I guess. Well last Friday the 3 of us were in her room along with Hannah and Jackson waiting for my Mom to come get Hannah. When she got there she came in Haylee's room and she sat down and we were chatting when Haylee mentioned, "Don't lock my door," or something like that. It was then that we all stared at each other like, "I hope Haylee didn't lock us all in here." Sure enough, she had locked the door and shut it and all of us were locked in her room. After a few minutes of trying to figure out what to do I said, "Oh, I'll just call Jody to come over....uh nevermind, there isn't a phone in here." So genius Shelley came up with the idea to take one wheel off one of her hot wheel cars and use the pokey wire thing in the door knob to open it. I'm so glad it worked. You can bet Josh switched the door knob back right away and Haylee hasn't locked a door since!