Saturday, February 13, 2010


I've always been called Shelley Specific, Daughter of Patti Perfect, because I like things done a certain way. It's been a joke that I have OCD-which I really don't, because I'm too organized with things (and my thoughts too).

Lately I've noticed Haylee is already taking after me. Poor girl. We will call her Have it Her Way Haylee. I feel bad now that I see what Josh has put up with the last few years from me. It's not always a bad thing. She does like to close doors when we leave the room, turn lights of, shut drawers/cabinets after getting things out etc. So in alot of ways it's nice because she'll help clean up because she wants her toys in specific I start to feel bad for her when she tries to list things over and over so that she doesn't forget them (organizing thoughts) like the characters she got pictures with at Disneyland, the Princess costumes she has, and when she recaps her day for Dad each night. I guess that's the reason she has a great memory. I've always been one to do this, I think it's more of a way for me to remember things myself, but sometimes it drives me crazy, so I feel bad she picked up on that. I have to laugh when she lines up all her shoes or all her figurines because she tries to "organize" them she says.

Haylee loves to draw. She's gotten a lot better at it lately. I drew a picture of her and she drew Mommy and Daddy right next to her. I love when she draws things, or colors pictures. These are things I want to hold onto forever.

Another favorite hobby is reading. Haylee loves books. She'll sit in her room and read books for a long time. Sometimes out loud (which is my favorite) and sometimes she just looks at pictures. She is such a good little girl.

Stay tuned for details about our fun Valentine's Day weekend!